Our Story - Euterpe


A genus of tall, slender tropical palm trees native to Central and South America. Also the name of the “The Giver of Light”, the goddess and muse of lyrical poetry in Greek mythology.

The Euterpe sustainable lifestyle collection brings you a feminine elegance that doesn’t compromise on comfort or conscience. Our non-fussy simple designs are made with the highest quality natural fabrics, like bamboo and organic cotton; bringing you go-to garments that you can wear anytime, all the time. We want you to feel worth it. We want to bring you clothes that suit your look and your lifestyle that are made responsibly and sustainably. Clothes that are made consciously, bought consciously, worn gracefully.

The Euterpe Story

Thanks to the tidal wave of cultural and social movements that promote a greener environment and more sustainable world, like many, I’ve grown  increasingly aware of our habits with respect to the environment and nature over the last few years.

I’m horrified at the culmulative impacts that each small, individual decision has; at the plastic that contaminates our oceans and our water sources; at the toxic chemicals and fumes that pollute the air that we breathe. At the same time, I’m fascinated and inspired by the individuals, the movements and the industries that are continuously making changes to counter-act the damage, to rebuild and rethink the ways things are done to minimize or eliminate their impacts and to guarantee a sustainable future.

When it comes to fashion, we’ve got a responsibility to reduce the pollution and waste produced in manufacturing; to minimise energy consumption; to use packaging that is recyclable; to create great products that are free from toxic chemicals, made from organic, sustainably
sourced and natural fibres. This is what’s driven me to join the the organic, eco-friendly, ethical fashion revolution thats about taking small, but powerful, steps to change the way fashion is done.

Euterpe is about doing the right thing for our customers and our environment. Its about being conscious of our shared responsibility to build a more sustainable future; of being mindful of where and how we make our clothes, and what this means for our planet – now and in the future.

I hope you’ll join the revolution with me.


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