The landscapes, the elements, and flora and fauna that surround us, Euterpe garments marry the simplicity of modern shapes with the elegance of the female silhouette. 

A soft balance between lineal draping and streamlined  construction, Euterpe brings you pieces that you will  cherish and wear anytime, all the time.

The National Parks, the tropical  jungles , the volcanic landscapes. These are all places of  phenomenal and raw natural beauty; spectacular topography, a kaleidoscope of colours, an abundance  of wildlife, minerals and elements.

Euterpe tries to  bring the movement, the sensuality, the simplicity and  beauty of the natural world to the design of each piece; soft water-like draping, smooth free-flowing contours,  natural tones and shapes. Sustainably crafted using the world’s natural fibres, the natural world is not only the inspiration for Euterpe, it provides the materials for a  more sustainable, and ethical, future.