ABOUT US-Euterpe

In Euterpe we create women's clothing and securing a sustainable future across all aspects of our lives. Our products are made with the greatest consideration for people and the planet. They’re crafted in natural fabrics that fits perfectly and feels great.
women's clothing crafted in natural fabrics
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Building the strategy

Creating ecological products through timelessness combined with quality. Timelessness is, of course, a matter of thoughtful design. Quality is created by taking the right steps in the production of clothing: from the quality of the raw material, through production processes, to the selection of suppliers. We have been searching and using high standards sustainable fabrics quality which are the main key in sustainable collection creation.

Curating desirable looks

Feeling good , feeling comfortable with freedom of movement whatever you wear - this is our concept. We offer different products for whole day use - activewear with thermo controlling and moisture wicking fabrics, printed life styles but also suitable to wear from 9 am-17 pm , airy with beautiful drapes evening wear. Our fits are suitable for different shape of silhouettes.

Building ethical concepts & desirable look

Ethical and sustainable fashion is the desirable look of Euterpe. Securing a sustainable future across all aspects of our lives. Using innovative tech in the fashion industry is fundamental to enable ethical change in the fashion market. We offer waterproof recycled from plastic bottles soft fabrics used in our jackets and coats. Our designs are well thought, crafted in natural components fabric breathable and kind for skin but also easy to be recycled.

Market research & analyses

A seismic shift at the start of the 21st century saw clothing production double in just 15 years (2000-2014). This rise was mirrored by a decrease in the length of time we actually hold onto our clothes. The phenomenon of fast fashion comes with spectacular numbers and spectacular social and environmental problems.To prevent the environmental destruction we have to create thoughtful clothing. By using recycled fabrics as well as organic fabrics free of toxins and chemicals we can restore the natural aura.


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